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Remember, always call the fuel dealer to confirm the price on the day of your delivery.
Kerosene prices for Augusta / Waterville     High  3.199     Low 2.699     Average 2.787 
Company Name Town Price Phone# Date Calc
Bob's Cash Fuel Madison  $2.799    7/24/2015   
Fieldings Oil & Propane Waterville  $2.699  7/22/2015   
Fieldings Oil & Propane Augusta  $2.699  7/22/2015   
C.N. Brown Company West Farmington  $2.799  7/15/2015   
Patriot Fuel Augusta/Gardiner   $2.699  7/27/2015   
C.N. Brown Company Jay  $2.799  7/15/2015   
C.O.D. Cash Fuel Central ME  $2.699  7/24/2015   
M.A. Haskell Fuel Company, LLC. China  $2.699  7/24/2015   
C.N. Brown Company Augusta  $2.699  7/14/2015   
C.B. Haskell Fuel Co. Windsor  $2.659  7/27/2015   
C.N. Brown Company Madison  $2.899  7/14/2015   
Webber Energy Fuel Pittsfield  $3.049    6/4/2015   
C.N. Brown Company Waterville  $2.759  7/27/2015   
G & G Cash Fuel Litchfield  $2.699  7/24/2015   
Wingate-Lathe/DownEast Energy Hallowell  $3.199    6/4/2015   
Discount Energy Augusta/Gardiner  $2.699  7/22/2015   

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